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Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my complimentary slice of cake?

You will receive an email at the beginning of your Birthday month to notify you of your complimentary slice of Birthday cake. This will automatically be uploaded to your card and will expire at the end of the month.

I received an email for a complimentary slice of cake, yet I couldn’t redeem this in store?

There are a number of reasons why this could be:

The reward is only valid for the month of your Birthday and the offer has expired.

You registered your email to an older card, and have yet to register your new card. Please give us a call or email so we can transfer your details from your old card to your new card.
I have accumulated over 100 points yet my points balance displays less than 100 or zero?

Every time your account reaches 100 points this is converted into a small complimentary coffee so you will never have more than 99 points at any one time. However you can continue to accumulate coffees.

I can’t find my verification code?

The verification code is located on the back of your loyalty card. Underneath ‘Crew No.’

I don’t remember my password?

To reset your password please visit:

I haven’t registered my card, can I still use it?

Un-registered cards can still be used in store to accrue points and gain complimentary coffees but by registering online you will receive a complimentary small size hot beverage for registering as well as a slice of birthday cake anytime in the month of your birthday.

Can I use my Caribbean Crew card in regions outside of the place where the card was issued?

Unfortunately you will not be able to use your Caribbean Crew card outside of the place where the card was issued as the loyalty programs are separate. You will need to register for a new card overseas. We are looking to possibly merge the databases but for now we do not have this functionality.

Will I receive lots of emails from Jamaica Blue if I provide my email address?

We will only send you emails which are relevant to your local store and occasional national emails, but you can choose to opt out at any point.

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